Our vision is to become one of UK’s leading medical service institutes that offers patients a second opinion on their medical diagnosis. Medical Second Opinion is in a position to get you a medical second opinion from a specialist and our services include consultancy, diagnostics, and treatment.

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To obtain a second opinion is very easy using our service, and gives you and your family peace of mind. All you have to do is send us your medical records with as much information as you can i.e. laboratory reports, radiological images, any operations or treatments you have had and any medications relating to your illness.


  • Reducing the risk of medical errors and increasing efficiency of medical services.
  • Reducing the impact of delayed reports Medical Second Opinion (MSO) will aim to deliver results and answers to our clients fast and efficiently because we understand the sensitivity and importance in regards to health & wellbeing of our clients.
  • Confirming diagnosis from our medical team before treatment. A second opinion will ensure the initial diagnosis from your doctor is correct decision as part of your treatment plan.
  • Giving you a peace of mind and comfort when it comes to your health & wellbeing. Let our team of medical experts deliver a second opinion on your medical diagnosis giving you reassurance that you are in good hands.
  • Reducing conflicts in diagnosis. Getting to many different opinions? Not to worry let Medical Second Opinion (MSO) and the team take care of your needs and deliver the correct diagnosis for your medical case.
  • Clarity to clients. Your doctor assures you everything is fine, but your symptoms remain. Let our team of experts give you clarity and discuss any concerns to ensure your health is not compromised.



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Medical Second Opinion

Medical Second Opinion (MSO) is in a position to assist you in most medical needs, whether your case is life threatening, cosmetic, or simply the improvement of your quality of life in general, then we are happy to propose and source the best medical options related to your medical condition. Medical Second Opinion (MSO) aims to deliver affordable medical services to all patients as per their needs and requirements with no compromise on safety and quality.

We can provide Health Care Assistance including 24-hour nursing

Medical Second Opinion

Other medical services that we can provide if needed includes the following:

  • Private Ambulances.
  • Private transport within the UK.
  • Accommodation assistance where applicable.
  • We can provide Health Care Assistance including 24-hour nursing.
  • Translation services for clients in various languages.
  • Arrangement of follow up appointments.
  • Liaison Officers.
  • Rapid Referrals.
Pharmaceutical services

Medical Second Opinion

Our team of professionals are strictly vetted and fully insured and we also ensure every medical expert is registered and recognised bodies and authorities to ensure our clients can use our services will full trust and confidence.

Safety and security of our patients is always a priority and we are committed to ensuring full compliance and reassurance of confidentiality when it comes to patients personal information, medical history, reports health conditions and any other sensitive information.





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