• Reducing the risk of medical errors and increasing efficiency of medical services.
  • Reducing the impact of delayed reports Medical Second Opinion (MSO) will aim to deliver results and answers to our clients fast and efficiently because we understand the sensitivity and importance in regards to health & wellbeing of our clients.
  • Confirming diagnosis from our medical team before treatment. A second opinion will ensure the initial diagnosis from your doctor is correct decision as part of your treatment plan.
  • Giving you a peace of mind and comfort when it comes to your health & wellbeing. Let our team of medical experts deliver a second opinion on your medical diagnosis giving you reassurance that you are in good hands.
  • Reducing conflicts in diagnosis. Getting to many different opinions? Not to worry let Medical Second Opinion (MSO) and the team take care of your needs and deliver the correct diagnosis for your medical case.
  • Clarity to clients. Your doctor assures you everything is fine, but your symptoms remain. Let our team of experts give you clarity and discuss any concerns to ensure your health is not compromised.
  • Report efficiency. Our team of experts will deliver a detailed and informative report to ensure you have the right action plan in regards to your medical needs.
  • We deliver additional medical services and packages to ensure our clients are covered in all areas in regards to their medical needs and only receive the very best medical services in the industry.

Why many patients ask for a second opinion?

Because they are unsure about their diagnosis or recommended treatment and want to take charge of their medical care.

Why go through Medical Second Opinion to get a second opinion?

Medical Second Opinion is in a position to find you a specialist who can advise you on your condition through its network of medical professionals.

Who pays for this Medical Second Opinion service?

This is a private service and all fees are to be paid by clients.

Does getting a second opinion require a lot of time?

No. Once you have submitted your medical records to us, our Patient Co-ordinator will work immediately on your case to ensure a fast and efficient service.

Who are the Medical Second Opinion consultants?

All medical consultants are medically certified and come from well-established clinics and hospitals in the United Kingdom.

Will my doctor mind if ask for a second opinion?

Not at all, seeking a second opinion is a well-accepted and common practice that is being recognised and growing rapidly in the medical industry.

Will the Medical Second Opinion specialist talk to my doctor?

If required and only with your written consent.

How is the privacy and security of my personal information ensured?

Your medical record is held in the strictest of confidence. We only pass on any information once we have received your written confirmation and consent.
(We will ensure your full privacy at all times)

Who will have access to my medical records?

Only Medical Second Opinion employees and the consultant dealing with your case.

What do I do next?

It’s very simple just contact us by giving our friendly team a call, or alternately send us an email or submit your inquiry via our online form.